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The Times of India

The Times of India

“It is well that the Academy has set before it the high ideal of “broad-minded tolerance which will allow the fullest scope for freedom of thought” in its work of studying the great religious of the world and “fitting the data supplied by them into a philosophic view of reality”, for the Academy seems to believe that it is possible by such studies to attain to a “ratiocinative and synoptic view of the whole” that will remove the “antagonisms” which unfortunately do exist between the “manifestations” of the one transcending Religion “which is for all humanity”, while these manifestations of it are “for different races and climes.”


If the proposed Academy will only teach self-criticism and good humoured tolerance in matters religious, it will have achieved something of permanent value, even if it never catch that will-o’-the-wisp, the ultimate Reality underlying all religious and philosophies, which has mocked and lured on human reason through countless ages.”

(Bombay, May 13, 1927)