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Books Written by Dr.R.D.Ranade

The List of Books Written by Shri Gurudev Dr. R. D. Ranade :

1) Signs of the Times and characteristics by Thomas Carlyle, edited by R. D. Ranade, second edition, 1917, Humphrey, Milford, Oxford University Press, Bombay.

 2) A Constructive Survey of Upanishadic Philosophy, second edition, 1968, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chowpatty,Bombay -7. Editions: 1916, 1962, 1986. Translated in to Marathi and Hindi.

3) Jnaneswara Vachanamrita, 1926, published by Prof. R. D. Ranade, Poona.

4) Tukarama Vachanamrita, 1926, published by Prof. R. D. Ranade,Poona

5) Ramadasa Vachanamrita, 1926 published by Prof. R. D. Ranade,Poona 

6) Santa Vachanamrita, 1927 published by Prof. R. D. Ranade Poona

7) Ekanatha Vachanamrita, second edition, 1965, Venus Prakashan,Poona.

8) History of Indian Philosophy, Volume Two: The Creative Period (in collaboration with Dr. S. K. Belvalkar), 1927 published by Prof. S. K. Belvalkar, Bilva – Kunja Publishing House, Poona.

9) Indian Mysticism, Mysticism in Maharashtra, 1933, published by A. V. Patwardhan at the Aryabhushan Press, Poona. 1933, 1982, 1988 (American edition of the book is published at New York.)


Translated into MARATHI and HINDI.


10)Evolution of My Own Thought, article published in Contempo- rary Indian Philosophy, edited by S. Radhakrishnan & J. H. Muirhead, revised second & enlarged edition 1952. George Allen and Unwin, London.

11) Pathway to God in Hindi Literature, 1954, Adhyatma Vidya Mandir, Sangli, Editions: 1954, 1986 & 1997 Translated into MARATHI & FRENCH. The French Translation by Margarith Russel in 1977.

12) “Paramartha Sopana” 1954, Adhyatma Vidya Mandir, Sangli Editions: 1954, 1986 & 1997. Translated in to French, “Les Marches du Salut “GRONOBAL FRANCE” 

13) Philosophical and other Essays, Part I 1956, Shri. Gurudev Ranade Satkar Samiti, Jamkhandi.

14) The conception of spiritual Life of Mahatma Gandhi and Hind Saints, 1956, Gujarat Vidya Sabha, Ahmedabad.

15) The Bhagavadgita as a Philosophy of God – realisation, 1959 ,Nagpur University, Nagapur.

16) Pathway to God in Kannada Literature, 1960, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chowpatty, Bombay, in collaboration with the Karnatak University, Dharwar.


Translated into Marathi.

17) Bodha – Sudhe 1948.

18) Kannada “Paramartha Sopana” – Translated into Marathi by Mrs. Padma Kulkarni, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bombay Edition: 1992.

19) Kannada Paramartha Sopana, second edition, 1969, Karnata University, Dharwar.

20) Dhyana Gita, 1961, Ranade Ashram, Nimbal R. S.

21) Paramartha Mandira, 1963, Shri Gurudev Paramartha Mandira, Jamkhandi.

22) Essays and Reflections, 1964, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chowpatty, Bombay.

23) Vedanta the Culmination of Indian Thought, 1970, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chowpatty, Bombay.

24) “Studies in Indian Philosophy” By Prof. R. D. Ranade, Editor: B.R. Kulkarni – Maharashtra State Board For Literature and Culture, Bombay. Edition: June 1986.