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Smt. Vijaya V. Apte


Daughter of Gurudev Ranade

“Gurudev Ranade,” my father was the builder of the modern spiritual empire. He stands before us as an intellectual and mystical colossus. Even the philosopher-king like Dr. Radhakrishnan accepts Shri Gurudev as the unparalleled Mystic of the day.

Gurudev Ranade was a lover of deep study of any topic taken on hand – may be of Literature, Science, or Philosophy. He used to go to the original sources of the matter, nay, even of the ‘words’ also, and that is why he could enhance the treasure of the ‘word-kingdom’. He coined many new words in the philosophical and mystical literature. He was a Seer-Scientist of life and an apostle of virtues. Morality according to him was the basis of a perfect life. He had an utter disgust for the worldly show. He was full of a spirit of humbleness and led a life of tranquility, truth, penance, insight, forbearance, courage and right pursuit. He never directly told what he was or what his views were, but a true thinker could discern his views, in his description of some great saints.

There was no superficiality in his writings. He was a voluminous writer and contributed original doctrines to the world of philosophy. Logical development, consistency, brevity and accuracy are the characteristics of his style making it unique. His writing style was lucid. He was a profound scholar of Sanskrit. All his writings are constructions through critical expositions. His was a synthesising approach. A spirit of reconciliation runs through all his literature. His writings prove him to be a Grammarian of Mysticism.

Simplicity was a significant trait of his personality. He has an abounding love for all who came in contact with him whosoever he maybe, a prince or a man on the street. He had a special affection for the students who stayed with him. His love for his disciples is also well known. His serene smile and sanctifying presence, spread peace, love and good-will everywhere. He appreciated only the virtues in others without noticing their drawbacks.

He never forgot his duty and love towards family. The only thing was that his ways of expression were altogether different from those of a common man. …..The death of my only younger brother, a child of three and half months, was a bolt from the blue to all of us. My mother was very seriously ill at that time. I was alone. All of a sudden he (Gurudev) came in and patted me saying: “Shake, inscrutable are the ways of God. Why do you weep? I am everything for you.” One cannot imagine what I felt when I saw the mountain of courage incarnated before me. धीरोदात्त that he was, his face was filled with the glow of divine luminosity. I will never forget this incident in my life.

My most Revered Father has built the Spiritual Edifice and has shown us the Divine Path to be followed rationally. Thus, he has left behind him for the aspirants a vast legacy of Divine Brotherhood to catch up the ‘Pilot Perennial’.”77- ACPR: Pathway to God, November 1966.