Objects & Activities

Objects of the ACPR:

A. To work for the spiritual unity of the mankind and consequent peace and goodwill upon earth, bringing together intellectual and spiritual minded persons through,

1) Spiritual Symposiums.

2) Study and Research.

3) Lectures.

4) Meetings and Conferences and

5) Religious and Philosophical Publications.

B. To start, sponsor, or co-operative with institutions in different centers for the development of the above aims and objects. (ACPR is and will continue to be an educational and research centre of the international context in the comparative study and research and in the philosophies and Religions of the world to achieve the above objects.)

Activities of ACPR:

ACPR, Belgaum has a rich Library consisting of Rare Books numbering more than 25,000 to cater and support its Academic Research activities and to arrange for International Spiritual & Philosophic Symposiums, Conferences and Publications.

Since 1966, ACPR publishes a Quartely Journal named as “Pathway to God” having circulation world over. Also a large number of books are published by ACPR.

Latest Opening of Delhi chapter

1.The Board of Trustees of ACPR Belagavi by the Resolution No.4 dated 04/04/2015 unanimously resolved to open a center at New Delhi to spread the objective of the Academy in North India in the following address:

Academy of Comparative Philosophy & Religion,
C/o: Shri Manjunath Meled,
No.194-G, Garud Apartment,
PKT-4, Mayur Vihar, Phase I,
New Delhi – 110 091.

The inaugural function is at India International Centre, New Delhi on 10th December, 2015 between 06.00 p.m. to 09.00 p.m. The occasion is also deemed auspicious for the release of two books written by Gurudev Dr. R. D. Ranade.