About the Founder

Shri. Gurudeo Dr. R. D. Ranade, M.A.D.Litt. was one of the greatest Mystic Saints of the modern India. He was a world known philosopher. His philosophic literary work from his books ‘The Constructive Survey of Upanishadic Philosophy’ to ‘Bhagavadgita as the Philosophy of God Realization’ has left behind memorable glorious imprints. He has been Vice Chancellor of Allahabad University and also Professor, Head and Dean of Philosophy therein. For his whole family of the World, he had a vision and concern to achieve holistic welfare of the entire humankind through the sustained awareness of Spiritual Unity in the varieties of Diversity.

Diversities of Spiritual Faiths were envisioned to be contained by the Unity of Spiritual Reason through the international institutions like the ACPR, founded by him. Having conceived the ACPR in 1924 at Pune, he worked and processed on to his mission to deliver the ACPR, Belgaum in 1952. as its Founder and Sole Trustee he registered the ACPR Belgaum as a Public Trust in the education & research category for ensuring its global Academy character, very much distinct from some Math or Ashram, like his own one at Nimbal (Bijapur District), where his Samadhi & Ashram continue to inspire his disciples and devotees. He delivered the institution of the ACPR, Belgaum as his immortal heritage to the world at large. The great founder intended the entire Humankind to be the rightful beneficiary of the ACPR, without limiting it only to the Spiritual Family of his disciples and devotees. Founder’s Academy vision in the ACPR, Belgaum has a sustained and is growing in the global context, without allowing it to shrink into a sectarian or Sampradayik Math. Ashram or a Temple.

Ever living Shri.Gurudeo Dr.R.D.Ranade was one of the greatest Spiritual Social Messiahs of our times. As a fitting tribute to the great Founder and his vision in the ACPR, Belgaum, a King-Philosopher-Spokesman of India, President Dr.S.Radhakrishnan took pride in volunteering to inaugurate the ACPR building in 1965 that is eight years after the passing away of the founder.

The great Founder’s ACPR, Belgaum is in its 49th year of its dedicated services.