About the ACPR Belgaum

Shri. Gurudeo Dr. R. D. Ranade, M.A., D.Litt. Conceived the ACPR in 1924 at Pune. Elaborate “Prospectus” for the ACPR prepared by him testifies to his vision and its implementative concern.In 1950, H. H. Sir C. A. Patwardhan, the Rajasaheb of Sangli gifted to him 14 acres of land at Belgaum. In 1952, Shri. Gurudev Dr. R. D. Ranade registered the ACPR, Belgaum as a Public Trust in the Educational & Research category.

Global collective psyche and the health of the humanity is in its extreme turmoil. Introspective spell is impending. Mortal men have evoked reason to nurse the immortal lust and greed, setting an encounter with the unyielding nature. Punitive consequences have emerged the whole of the ecology and environment is polluted throwing a penal suffocation of the humankind. Nature’s holistic synthesis of creation is beyond the human dissective analysis. Nature’s retribution is calling for new awareness and regimentation. We need a new “Paradigm Shift”. We had the Cartesian Paradigm, Newtonian Paradigm. Einsteinian paradigm and now the paradigm of peaceful human coexistence. A quantum jump is required with the awareness that God’s universe is not merely a mechanical reality but is a Holistic Integral system. In the tiny geographical rooms of Nations, cultures and civilization were nursed and grown bearing the fruits of artificial sovereignty. The most unconceived globalization has suddenly descended liquidating most of the man made artificial barriers.
ACPR is a half-century old venue for this new dialogue.