01) Shri B.D.Jatti, Finance minister laid corner stone of ACPR building on 16-4-1964.

02) Dr.S.Radhakrishanan. President of India Inaugurated the ACPR Headquarters, Belgaum on 8-12-1965.



03) Dr. Gerhard Funke, Professor of philosophy, MAINZ university West Germany and gave talk on
“Modern trends of philosophy in Gemany” on 26-10-1969.

04) Shri. Virendra Patil Chief Minister inaugurated the Gurudev Ranade Memorial lectures delivered by Professor Arabindo Basu of Pondichery on 23-11-1969

05) Shri.Dayanand Bandodkar, C.M.of Goa Visited on 23-4-1971.

06) Dr.Sarojini Mahishi, Union Minister for Tourism & Civil Aviation, New Delhi inaugurated the seminar on ‘God Realization, Sadhana and effects’, on 12-11-1971.

07) Dr.A.G.Javadekar, M.A.ph.D.,D.Litt.Head.of Philosophy Department M.S.university Baroda delivered Gurudev Ranade Memorial lectures on 23-3-1972

08) Hon’ble J.Narain Pai, Chief Justice of Mysore High Court Banglore and J.Chandrashekhar Judge of Mysore High Court Banglore visited the ACPR On 10-6-1972.

09) Dr.V.K.Gokak Banglore-Visited ACPR on 25-2-1973

10) H.H.Shri Swami Chimayanandji, ACPR on 25-12-1974

11) H.H.Kumarswamiji, of Tapovan Dharwad visited on 5th and 6th May 1976.

12) Shri.Bhadragiri Keshavadas, visited and delivered lecture on 19-11-1976.

13) Hon’ble Shri.H.R.Gokhale, Union Minister for Law & Company affairs visited on 10-11-1976

14) Padmashri Kaka Karkhanis, A great disciple of Gurudeo Dr.R.D.Ranade gave lecture on “Jnaneshwari” on 2-6-1979

15) Hon’ble Y.V.Chandrachud Chief Justice of India released ACPR’s Silver Jubilee souvenir and Hon’ble D.M.Chandrashekhar Chief Justice of Karnataka presided over the function on 22-12-1978

 16) H.H.Shri Chandrashekharendra Saraswati Shnkaracharya, Swamiji of Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt.stayed at ACPR Headquarters for 3 months i.e., from 17-6-1979 to 16-9-1979. During that period Their Majesties Queen Fedrika of Greece and Queen Sophia of Spain visited the ACPR on 12-9-1979 along with the Great Philosopher of Modern India

His Holiness Shri Chandrashekharendra Saraswati,
Shankaracharya,of Kanchi Kamkoti Peetham.

17) Hon’ble Shri Varadarajan Judge of Supreme Court of India visited the ACPR on 13-1-1982.

18) H.H.Shri Siddheshwar Swamiji Delivered talks for a month i.e., from 22-5-1983 to 22-6-1983.

H.H.Shri Siddheshwar Swamiji At ACPR
"God’s Spiritual Ambassador to Humanity"

19) His Excellency Shri.A.N.Banarjee Governor of Karnataka visited and delivered a lecture emphasizing Gurudeo Dr.R.D.Ranade’s Book viz
‘Constructive Survey of Upanishadic Philosophy’ as a great valuable addition to the literature of the world on 19-8-1983

20) H.H.Shri.Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Shringeri visited the ACPR on 14-3-1984.

21) Dr.Shri.Prakash Dubey. Of R.D.University Jabalpur delivered G.R.Memorial Lectures on
‘Hinduism and Christianity’ on 13-10-1984.

22) Shri.N.Vitthalarao, Commissioner for Religious and Charitable endowments Karnataka visited on 18-5-1985

23) Hon’ble H.G.Balakrishna, Judge of Karnataka High Court visited the ACPR on 24-3-1988

24) Dr.Laxmikumar, M.Sc.Ph.D., President Vivekanand Kendra Kanyakumari visited on 24-11-1988

25) Hon’ble J.Shri.Ranganath.Mishra Chief Justice of Supreme Court & Hon’ble Shri S.Mohan, Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court andHon’ble S.C.Mittal, Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court visited on 7-4-1991

26) Hon’ble B.K.Navadagi, Judge of Karnataka High Court Visited on 11-4-1993

27) Dr.S.R.Gayadhani, from United Kingdom visited on 27-12-1993

28) Bhikshu G Tanaka, of Interfaith Pilgrimage for Peace and life Canada visited on 5-12-1994

29) Padmavibhushan Dr.M.C.Modi, The world famous eye surgeon visited on 7-2-1995 and wrote in visitor’s book “VISITED THIS SPIRITUAL CENTRE TO GET MY INNER EYE OPERATED (THIRD EYE).THIS INSTITUTION IS VERY USEFUL TO THE HUMANITY”.

30) Shri A.Balakrishnan,general Secretary Vivekanand Kendra Kanyakumari visited in 1996 and noted in the visitor’s book “THIS PLACE WOULD BECOME A VIBRANT CENTRE IN THE COMING FUTURE. VIVEKAND KENDRA WOULD BE HAPPY TO ASSOCIATE WITH THIS

31) Hon’ble Shri.H.D.Devegowda, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India visited and delivered talk on 12th Jan 1997 and appreciated ACPR’s pursuit for one God, one world and one humanity and expressed his good wishes for ACPR to lead the global village into the enchanting era of the 21st century.

Hon’ble Prime Minister Of India
Shri.H.D.Devegowda’s Visit to ACPR on 12th Jan.1997

32) Mr.Ijaz Ahmed Aslam, General Secretary of “Jamaat-E-Islami Hind” New Delhi visited ACPR on 3-5-1997 and presented a copy of the ‘Holy Kuran’ (written in French) and noted, in the visitor’s book. “In the name of God, the Lord of mankind, I am pleased and honored to pay my visit to Academy of comparative Philosophy & Religion. The humanity is groping in darkness and our civilization is at the verge destruction. This is the hard time that well wishes of humankind join hands and put their heads together and invite people towards God consciousness and human brotherhood, we appreciate the efforts of this organization and offer our good wishes and co-operation in this noble task; may God bless us all, guide us and give us wisdom, and strength to usher in a bright future for humanity and lead men towards everlasting success (Amen)”

33) Dr.Indu Prakash Singh, New Delhi who was the former Indian Ambassador to Spain and internationally reputed philosopher delivered G.R.Memorial lectures from 22 to 24 December 1997. Dr.I.P.Singh is the disciple of Gurudeo Dr.R.D.Ranade and he was co-opted as member of ACPR’s All India Academic Council on 24-12-1997

34) Hon’ble Shri.B.K.Sanglad, Judge of Karnataka High Court Banglore visited ACPR on 30-4-2001.

35)Hon’ble Shri.R.V.Ravindran and Hon’ble Shri.G.Patri Basavan Goud,Judges of Karnataka High Court, Banglore visited ACPR on 28-7-2001.

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